Recommended Sites – Basically this website is the monster of all awesome websites. You don’t need to have a username, but if you do you can tell them your interests and when you “stumble”, random websites pop up that you may be interested in. These websites are submitted from other users around the globe. Pretty funny stuff. – If you like to listen to music on the computer, you have come to the right place. allows you to enter any song name, artist or album and provides basically anything you would ever want and need. Many people use a website called, but the problem with that is, if you enter in the song you want, you won’t necessarily be able to listen to it. You’ll wind up hearing longs like it.  Highly recommended. – You may be wondering what these letters stand for and I was in the same position when I first heard about this site. WWTDD stands for “What Would Tyler Durden Do?” Funny enough, this website is based on the movie Fight Club and mostly has stories about celebrity gossip or funny pictures of famous people. It seems a bit tailored towards men, since it has a lot of hot women on there, but the average girl still finds it amusing. Check it out for a goof. – This website may be very common to the average teenage girl, but if you haven’t heard about it, it’s a blogging site by a man named Perez Hilton. Updated almost every 20 minutes, explains all the gossip and info going on in the celeb world. Good videos and funny pictures. – If you’re bored and want to hear funny comments from people who have the typical “average life”, head over to this website. Don’t feel bad for these people, your life is probably quite similar and boring. – If you enjoy updating yourself on the latest fashion, head over to this site and see what is NOT acceptable. It’s unbelievable how these celebrities try and get away with some of these styles. – This website is about “Emails from an asshole”. You’ll just have to visit the website to find out more. Each day there is a fun, sweet new video highlighted as the days ‘big thing’ – This website will provide hours of entertainment! – If you want to watch something humorous.. this will definitely give you a laugh. These people take on random environment and either perform skits or some sort of act that comes from out of no where. Watch and find out for yourself!

And of course.. head to to purchase you’re own SLIZ!


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