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The After SLIZ

Welcome to the holy land of sliztastic stories.

If you came to this website to understand the meaning of the sliz, you have come to the right place. I’m sure you have done a sliz before and have seen the aftermath. Sometimes it may be you who had the wild night or others you consider friends, passed out on the lawn of the frat nearby. But instead of posting pictures on Facebook or writing funny quotes from the night before on Twitter, we thought it would be awesome to have people write their stories about the night before, when they chose to take a SLIZ!

Enjoying a SLIZ is clearly a life changing experience. We all know that socially consuming alcohol is very universal so what better way to explain what happened, than by communicating through this blog?

When you do a SLIZ correctly, it’s guaranteed that there will be a hiliarious, amusing outcome.

So write away slizzards…

(also visit our website http://www.sliz.com)



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